Take advantage of our printing experience.

In earlier times, printing meant black ink on white paper. Color, especially full color, was out of reach for most people, especially for smaller quantities. Now, with advancements in digital copying technology, just what is printing?

Printing has changed and nowhere is that more evident than at Graphix Eye. Today, offset, digital and toner-based processes all constitute "printing."

The run lengths can be long or short and the prices are affordable. The turnaround time is fast. But what is most important is the high quality of work that is produced regardless of process.

Take advantage of our experience in making your "printing" decision. For example, offset printing may be the application of choice when many copies of the highest quality on specialty paper are required.

When a limited number of reproductions are required and full color is desired, the speed and economy of full-color digital printing may be the answer.

Even shorter run length jobs can be produced economically using black-and-white or color copiers. The copies are clean and crisp. The color fidelity is amazing.